Bulb Security LLC is a cybersecurity research, training, and testing firm providing services stemming from Georgia Weidman’s work in Penetration Testing.  Whether your internal red team or penetration testing teams needs training or you lack internal resources and need an outsourced penetration test, Bulb Security can help.

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    Bulb Security provides full service penetration testing.


    Bulb Security provides full service vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.


    Bulb Security accepts development projects and research assessments for clients.


Bulb Security offers various services that can aid you or your business in reaching new heights when it comes to security. Find our where you may be at risk with our vulnerability assessments or use our skills to help in the research & development of a new product or program for your system. Or, if you or your employees need an education boost in the field of mobile security or penetration testing, take a look at our security training options and find one that will work for you. Bulb Security wants to ensure that all of our clients have the resources and skills they need to reach their security goals!

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

Full service penetration testing and assessments.

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Security Training

Multiple training opportunities. Learn what solution will work for you!

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Security Research & Development

Development projects and research assessments.

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Mobile Security

Discover the potential risk involved in using smartphones for business.

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Our various products are designed to help you grow and improve as an organization, a novice hacker, or in general security knowledge and know-how. Bulb Security desires to provide your organization with effective and informative products to aid you in reaching your security goals.

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This tool allows you to assess the security of the smartphones in your environment in the manner you’ve come to expect with modern penetration testing tools.


Online, onsite, and virtually; Bulb Security can deliver security training the way that works for you.


Bulb Security Founder Georgia Weidman recently published a book Penetration Testing: A Hands-on Introduction to Hacking.


See how Bulb Security can help you expand skill sets!

We provide specialized training courses to you or your employees.